Emotions Flash Fiction

    I saw her coming from across the room in a short dress. Her thighs wrapped tight like a present. I watched her stride so confidently, tossing her long, dark hair. She was stunning. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, but I did, literally whipping my body around so I couldn’t see her anymore.

    My first instinct was jealousy. It came like vomit, gushing from a bubbly source with force. It shot straight through me. Honestly, it was the momentum I needed to look away from her—so perfect in her green shimmery dress—I was entranced, and I could of stare at her for eternity and not run out of reasons why she was better than me.  

    Envy wretched, it filled my mouth with filth that I refused to say aloud.

    The words came to me, but I bottled them up, Bitch, cunt, fucking slut… rattled inside my brain like boulders banging on walls. I felt assaulted that they even entered my mind, like I was the one that they were beating. Only when I turned around and saw her—her leaning like an elm tree, arms slender like branches wrapped around him, Chase—did I allow the onslaught of words towards her.

    Cheat, liar, fucking whore…” under my breath.

    Anger seized me. It was a rushing energy that hit me like a car crash, like getting the breath knocked right out of you. I wanted to knock the breath out of her. I wanted to take Chase by the collar and shake him until everything he’s hidden away from me came falling out his pockets.

    Something in me told me that I should. That I had every right to fucking give him a piece of my mind because he stole a piece of my heart. That he was an asshole who lied to me. He never did love me. He used me. He’s a lying cocksucker, a no good dickbag, and damn it, I wish I could just scream it at him—he deserves to know! I want to shatter his illusion that he’s this good guy.

    There was this feeling rising up in me, like water threatening the ceiling, and soon I would burst. Soon I would explode. I felt like the exhale of a bull.

    I noticed that I was staring. I noticed that I was unnoticed. He had pulled her closer to him by her tiny waist. I wanted to vomit and scream at the same time. I simultaneously wanted to punch and kiss him. I wanted her to feel the way I do, like a tiny, far off figure left behind in the mist.

    There were two whispers in my ear like slithering tongues, “She is so much prettier than you, no wonder he left,” and “Rip their fucking hair out, cause a scene.”

    They were moving, his arm wrapped around her shoulder—he had never walked with me like that—like he was presenting her to the world. He was proud, beaming, he was in love, he was looking around the room to see who was looking at him and then he saw me. He saw me and didn’t acknowledge I was standing there. Like he hadn’t all night, like he hadn’t this whole time. Even though I came to this very spot because I know it’s where he likes to go.

    They were leaving me alone with the thoughts in my head, with the only things that stay in the end.

    Another feeling knocked on my door and let itself in, as it had only left temporarily. It stretched itself, surrounding my mind like a mist, silencing the others, deafening my senses. Sadness lay upon me.

   . . . . . . . . . . 

End. (For now)

Author end note: It’s been literally a year since I’ve posted. I have been in hiding- not just from you- but from everybody.

A lot can be said for low self esteem. For trying and failing. for beating yourself up. I have been in the dirt, but am growing here, poking my head from the soil… it is spring now, after all.



Wondering back..

Hi. Oh, it feels so nice to type. My blog! Coming back fills me with the same feeling that makes me want to hold you and nuzzle my face into yours. If I did that…. Tygr…. Hehe. Touch screen phones are sensitive.

It’s been about six months. Nobody cares. But I’m hoping to *ahem* redirect this site. Practice makes perfect and don’t you think that just because I haven’t been blogging means I haven’t been writing.

I want to tell you my story as I’m discovering my stories. I want to record what’s going on around me. It’s not my story at all, really. Just read my words and hopefully you’ll see through my eyes. Experience Life with me. See the green grass below my feet, feel the tips of your toes digging into the earth, and the blades of grass tickling our arch.

Oh, it’s so nice to be back and type whatever I want.

What have I been up to these past few months? Well, I’ve been teaching. 🙂 To be specific, I’m a “Teaching Artist.” To be boastful, I’m getting paid 18 dollars to teach 12 high schoolers creative writing and critical literacy in an after-school program that meets twice a week. We focus on community. I’m able to basically create my own lesson plan (with my partner) following the programs skeleton. It’s really fucking awesome. But really fucking challenging. Expect more posts on this, because reflection is KEY to my success.

Also note, I’m still working as a waitress 4 days a week at my trusty ole pub.

Also, YA GIRL GOT A MAN.  He’s a good catch and a poet. My quest for Love led me here. I put so much energy into dating and boys. Now that I’m here… A new quest begins.

Tighten your seatbelt, y’all. I’m ending this post. I’m coming on my third cigarette and I’ve got to go make revision notes before my shift. This had been my toss. My thumbs feel nice. And I am thoughtful. If you got to this point, thanks for reading. If you didn’t, I’ll get you one day.


I feel tossed.
From here to there, I’m stumbling, carrying all these cares, don’t think I’m going nowhere, and maybe… oh just maybe ill get there.

I’ve changed my mind again.
Technology mocks me. Each day I get a notification reminding me to check Time Hop, this app which allows me to see where I was on this day via social media.
There I was, one year ago, moving into mimis. (My grandmother’s, who would have thought?)
Here I am, a year later, displaced again. What now?

Four years ago I moved out for the first time. Out of a small town, into the “city,” this small southern historical destination I can’t seem to get out of.
Sweet like sugar, sticky sweet treat.

And now, here I am…
Deciding to move… Where? Not out or beyond but BACK
This is my life, saying goodbye and scrambling back because I forgot something…
something important

I left something in this town, small home town deep south. I left a part of me that I’ve discovered, uncovered in the dirt that roots my soul,
Oh sweet sweet Ebenezer.
You are a rock

And now, back to the town I can’t shake off. But I feel it. I told my Mimi and she felt it too. I’m strained, stretched between place to place,
Just need some space
MY space

In the middle.
I’ve been growing. Finally rooted. A Spanish oak twisting to the sky,
Moving back,
I’vee been building for this, preparing myself.

I am ready.


Elaine sat alone at the bar.

Dear Cupid,

Would you take it easy? I’m an open target and clearly in your way. Stop shooting at me. Is that so hard to ask? Although, I know, sometimes I’m knocking on your door. But this time I mean it! Scram! Shoo! I don’t want you around no more, yahear? Take a look at me–I’m punctured! Holes all in me. I think that’s why I have this feeling, like melting, I’m sinking. Would you give me some time to recuperate at least? I’ll need at least a week. Leave me alone for a week, wontcha?

Listen, I know… In a few weeks, once I heal up a bit, I’ll start to miss your ways. I’ll send you mad texts. I’m a bad, bad girl and I want you to hurt me. Put me back in the field, buddy! Here I am! And I’ll get shot! Bit! All over again, like an addict sneaking out to a get a hit….
mmmmmmm, but it feels so good.
mmmmmmm, punctured like veins.

You don’t want to be the cause of my addiction, do ya? Don’t want that on your angelic conscious. Save your arrows for more deserving folk. People all around me seem to be falling in love. You shoot me and it doesn’t stick. The arrow hangs there around then falls limp. Why won’t it stay? (Why don’t they stay?) What is that you’re shooting with? A fucking Nerf gun??

I think it’s your fault. It’s your damn arrows. Maybe you have bad timing. Shooting them when I just so happen to eye a loser. Oh, man… This guy doesn’t have a car. I think he’s perfect.

Truth is, I love you, Cupid. Take your arrow and slap me on the ass with it. I just wanna love Love. But I’m beginning to hate you. I’m writing you to tell you that. I resent you for all the times you’ve hit me. Hit me and told me this time would be different. Oh, I tell myself that, too. But this time I think I’ve learned my lesson. I’m DONE with you. I don’t want any more of it. All these guys, could flip through them by closing my eyes. They come and go, come and go. I’ve noticed how they keep coming. I’m afraid I’ll run out of luck. I pick up a card and say Next! So many choices… So I’m beggin ya! Stop dealing!

Or maybe they’re the ones who are hit. And I’m the one who got in the way.

Maybe that’s what you meant in your letter when you said, “GTFO my way bitch, Im tryna make people fall in love & ur ass keeps ruining it.”

Maybe all these wounds are because I keep tripping. I’m not punctured, I’m bruised. Look at my legs and call me a Georgia Peach!
Chasing love and tripping.
Why do you keep running away from me?

Maybe that’s what you meant when you wrote, “Wait ur turn.”

Maybe it’s not my turn.


I never really realized how weirdly obsessed I am with guys. I’ve been keeping a diary for a couple years now and it’s mostly about dudes. lol My best writing is when I’m talking romance. Like I KNOW I WAS DOING OTHER SHIT WHY WASNT I WRITING ABOUT THAT TOO??

Jesus. Get your shit together, girl.
(Working on it.)

Started the beginning scene of a story idea I’ve been sitting on. This is like the fourth version of the beginning. I can’t get passed it. But I want to tell this story.

I want to focus on my work instead of my relationships. Is that so hard to ask?


I’m outside of my house.

I don’t want to go inside.
(What is this?)

My cat greets me.
Why do I even look for a notification?
It’s never the one I want.
When it is it’s like a treasure and I immediately reply. I throw it back into the ocean like an SOS.

I don’t want this house. I want his house.


They call me Bird at work. It’s the first nickname I’ve liked in a while. The first was Turbo. I got that in high school. I was shy in school, so all my energy went into church activities. My youth group was my social group. These were those I considered my friends, although they barely offered a smile to me in the hallways.
Turbo was given to me by Landon. He was a big, curly haired boy with lots of charisma. Older. I was good friends with his sisters, he had four, two around my age. They were home schooled.
I spent my 16th birthday with them and our other friends, two sisters, Mallory and Cameron. Both older. They surprised me and presented a cake in a dim room singing. Gave me a wooden jewelry box that I hardly used because I hardly wear jewelry.

“Chirp chirp,” my coworkers greet me instead of hey. I’ve taken to it. I write BIRD on my styrofoam cup instead of my name.

I dance around and sing to myself at work. I practice positivity there and it helps with the boredom. I get high behind the dumpster with the cooks and come inside. “Come on down, now, Bird.” They tell my goofy grin. Birds fly high.

I dropped a six pack of corona in the beer cooler. At least it wasn’t craft beer. The bottom of my worn out soles bear shards.

I’m a fucking space cadet. Head in the clouds. I’m looking for a support but there’s nowhere to land.

I’m writing this in segments throughout the night. Free writing whatever comes into my head. I want to find my Voice. I think I can do that here. I’m ready to take my writing more seriously. I’ve been pursuing relationships. Wasting time. Flying from one fantasy to another but there’s no solid ground to land on.

“You’re like Juliette on the balcony.” I text him. I’m walking down Congress and he comes out for a smoke break and sees me. Looks so happy to see me but never texts back.

I’m in the audience and he’s onstage reading his set he scribbled on the back of his EBT bank renewal. “No antics tonight I’m telling the truth.”
I cringe. His life is on display. Each week his set is his life. I have been there along the way, skipping with the weeks and now,
“Since my divorce I’ve slept with 4 beautiful women. 2 crazy. 1 sweet,” he looks me right in the eye. “And 1 I had feelings for.”

No? You didn’t have feelings for me? Just weeks of waste? Sugar that tasted sweet on your tongue then melted and gone?
So on to the next one?

I’ve been called sweet and innocent by everyone. I don’t think I like that name.

Dragged out on stage? Are you kidding me? Everybody knows. It’s the Dawe Show.

Waiting time, sweetheart.
I don’t want to anymore.

I’m working a wedding. It’s their second time each and they just want to get drunk. I happily facilitate.
This is the first time in my life that I have questioned if I will find love.
And if I find, If I’ll keep it.

Space cadet just may lose it.
She loses everything.

Sipping leftover champagne.

Smoking cigarettes behind dumpsters.
I’m the little sparrow that pokes for substances in the trash.

I text him and asked him for dinner. Why do I do that? 
Yes or no.
Either way, I’ll go on my way.
Just need to know.
What’s up with people and wasting my time?

I’m wasting time on the clock. But at least I’m getting paid.
It’s when you clock out. What counts is what you do with your free time.

They’re all drunk now. I’m taking my time on smoke breaks, texting my blog instead of boys. Getting high behind dumpsters then smiling at guests. Come on now, Bird.
You can fly.

Let it sink in.

I feel the grime on my skin.

They told me that taking ecstasy was like taking a pill of happy. It just makes you feel good. Everything feels good. Make sure to rub the cushion of a soft couch. And sex is amazing (they grin and whisper).

I mentioned in my last post that I think the ecstasy leveled out my depressive state. A bit of a creative exaggeration, but not much. I also smoke a lot of weed and took just one tab. Who knows. My friend asked me when it hit and I just kept shrugging.

At first I told her I was dropping her off and promptly driving home to cry. Then I was convinced to stay. We adventured around. In Savannah I get to barhop because we can carry around beers in togo cups. So all night we jumped from place to place.
“What are we looking for?”
I intentionally meant that to be deeper. “It’s a metaphor for our lives.”
We went looking for a place. Always unsatisfied. Order a drink and take it to the streets. Sometimes I just enjoy that.

My battery is at 0% mentally. I usually operate in an obnoxiously optimistic manner but have lately been funked. As the night has gone on, many hits from hidden dugouts, a few beers, a lot good people, and dancing, I feel recharged.

I lost my phone charger. Third one in a month. I’m sitting in my car recharging my phone and my mind.

I feel my skin. The skin stretched over bone. I danced in clubs until last call and I feel human beings all over me. I don’t want to go in and shower. I want to sit and feel this.

I read in Wikipedia that ecstasy heightens your senses. I feel heightened, enlightened, still… nothing too excitin’. I’m feeling the last effects and I think I’ll keep it. My own little slice of happiness. It’s all I need. I’ll take it and no one will notice. When the drug goes away I’ll snicker because I stole some of its good good feeling.

(They can have rubbing their fingers over surfaces and sex. They’d miss that. No, I’ll take this.)