The Muser

My name is Lindsey.

I am a young woman set on a destination and getting lost all along the way. But hey, I suppose that’s the fun part. I live in beautiful Savannah, GA. It’s a quaint, cute gem of a town snug in the southeastern corner of the country.

My destination? I’m not sure. Life is spread out like an open road and I’m on cruise control.

I want to write. It is the only thing that I am sure of in this world. I want to create good, meaningful, beautiful stories. I want to contribute to the art I have fallen in love with. I want to communicate with words. It’s the only way I know to shape my experience and give it meaning.

I figure it will take years to produce book-worthy material. Until then I am sifting through thoughts and ideas. This is practice ground. A way for me to find my Voice,  to experiment with style and content, let off a little steam, and fuel my narcissism by pushing publish, holding onto the dream. If now, only this.

I am pouring out my brain to see if there are any jewels. I’m hoping there is.

They say to write what you know.
This is me.
This is my journey.

Thanks for reading,


4 thoughts on “The Muser

  1. I miss reading your cryptic outbursts. If you’re putting them elsewhere I’d like to know. . .in a normal platonic non-opinioned way, not a creepy, unhealthy, blackmailish kind of way.
    -Tnerb-ruoy s’orbdneirf

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    • Ha! I have been MIA for quite a while now, also internet less, which is most of the problem. First time I’ve logged in a a while and seeing this made me really happy. Hopefully I’ll burst something out soon. Thanks so much ❤ ❤ -yesdnil


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