I don’t even like dogs

The neighbor’s dog barks all the time. His name is Sampson and they’ve got him fenced in with a little blue house. We live in trailers. Their front yard is our backyard. Technically, he’s in our backyard, not even in their yard, technically. They have a wooden shed in their front yard. I know there’s not a lot of room. And we don’t even use the small strip of space. They’ve also got a trampoline in their front yard. They got it for their two kids for Christmas. It was a great gift, really, the kids love it. They’re on it all the time. Jumping and screaming.
At first they set it up right outside our back window, so when we had the blinds pulled up for the plants we had a beautiful view of the jumping children. The other two kids from across the street join Macey and Heiman often.
The dog barks like crazy when they’re jumping.
He barks like crazy when they’re not.
The adults joined the kids sometimes too. The kids didn’t notice the window, but eventually the neighbors moved the trampoline from our view. We waved at them once while cooking in our kitchen.
I’ve got headphones in now because it got to the point where I couldn’t stand the kids joyous screams and the dogs desparate barks. I can’t understand their language. I wonder if it’d be more distracting if they were yelling in English.
I hate being annoyed at their joy.

Our living room is up front and our room is in the back. Sampson’s house is right beside our bedroom and when I’m sleeping in he is my alarm clock. He barks and sounds off all the other dogs in the trailer park. I throw the blankets over my head.
There’s this trailer a few lots across from me, they’ve got a few dogs in there, I can’t be sure how many or what they look like. I’ve never seen them outside. They sound like the small yappy ones.

When I was a kid we had a swimming pool in our backyard. It was one of those above ground ones. My parents pushed the eyesore to the back near the forest clearing. We’d spend all day in the summer out there swimming. We could entertain ourselves for hours swimming in a circle. Life was simple back then in the shallow end. We felt like we had a solid foot on things.
We could joyously scream all day and not bother anybody.

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