The Right Track

I’m on a train. 17 hours to get back home. I rode to Pennsylvania to hang out with my 5yo niece and we’re taking her back with us.

Back at home there’s a track close. I can hear the whistle blow. And everytime it does it sounds like an alarm reminding me that I’m on the right track.

A few months ago Mother called me asking if I’d like to join her on this trip. Since I moved out three years ago we haven’t had a continual time together, just visits. Five days later, me and mom are fine. More than fine. Two years ago I’d medicate myself with marijuana before entering their driveway. Two years ago the thought of traveling anywhere with my mother was awful. Now we are laughing. There has been healing.

I create metaphors to help me cope with Life. When I hear the train whistle sounding at night I am reminded that, in Life, I am on the right track. That I think I can, I think I can, if I just keep pushing forward, ahead on this track laid before me. And now I am on a train with my mother and niece headed back home. The lights have been shut off and the passengers are asleep. I feel a deep sense of peace.

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