poetic thoughts

I. Life waits to be figured out
it’s a puzzle
but I’m afraid I’ve lost the lid,
guess we’ll just have to
find out what we’re looking at
as we piece it together.

II.Engage me
you are the next opponent
in this stare off
square off
you are challenging me
and I will not lose
no, I will not lose

III.Wouldn’t it be awful to
limit colors to just a few?
Don’t you know that there are
different ways
to say I love you?

IIII.You want me
but the me that you want
is not the me that I am.
I am part of a series.
The me you see is me
but I am much more
than you bargained for.

IIIII.I stop myself from calling them boys,
they are men, young men who date young women,
not girls, and I am not a girl.
He called me the most gorgeous woman and I wanted to blush
like a little girl getting caught in her mother’s closet,
like the first time a boy saw my naked body,
and now suddenly, that body has grown into what I wanted it to be.


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