Cleaning my room and found thoughts in a box. Here are some favorites… 

Thoughts buzz in my head. I am the fly catcher. I hunt them in the kitchen with a whip. I collect them all day long hear them buzz all day long 

I will not achieve everything I put my mind to therefore I release my mind to roam freely. I say, run and collect everything you find then choose your favorite. 

Half the reason I enjoy going to work is bc I get hit on. I tell ya, nothing makes me feel sexier than a  greasy cook in baggy checkered pants and a stained white tshirt saying, damn girl I like your style. I am wearing a uniform. 

Life is like a game show. Is time running out? I am only guessing at things hoping I’ll win. I’ll likely return home with nothing. 

You’re not yourself today, they say. And I am not sure who they refer to. I look around, see it’s my skin that I’m in. Why it’s me! Have I changed that much? Did I do something different to my hair? I woke up this morning with the same blue eyes but I see a different side, we spin and spin…

1 new notification lights up my screen. I have been waiting for this moment, staring at my cell phone as if it didn’t ring. A ding lights up my eyes. I am sure that you’ve replied. But it’s only my mother. Man what a bummer. 

look for answers but I was never a question. 

I text like they were my last words. I type because I am not heard.

My heart has been told no so often that I forgot how to accept yes.

At night I scoot closer. Why did you let go?

All I want is to get IT out. I am pouring like a glass bottle of ketchup, tapping my head hoping something comes out. 

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