The View From Where I’m Sitting

I’m killing time. I’m sitting crossed-leg in Ellis Square on an elevated cement barrier. The sun is shining hot and bright. I feel like I’m a plant soaking it up. It’s a Spring day where the sun warms you to the core. In a few hours I’ll be inside bartending. But right now I’m killing time. From where I’m sitting there’s a fantastic view- a little oasis encircled by stone steps. It’s too cool for the waterworks, but in the summer little children will chase geyser streams and squeal in delight, their parents gathered around guarding. For now the children throw footballs and sit on spread blankets. Groups of millennials line the perimeter, engaged in their own goings, aren’t we all? Laptops out, phones out, old couples perched on benches watching, people passing… Streets line the square and on the sidewalks people walk, going somehwhere, there’s someplace to be…locals tourists, Sunday best business casual very casual, me I’m very very casual. I woke up this morning at 6:40am and drove my cousin to work. Last night at 1 I dreaded going to sleep but I knew I needed to. I have a lot on my plate. There’s so much going on. I have so much to do. I put on a bra then replaced my sweats. I’m sitting in a square in my pajamas texting confessions of my Life…there’s so much to do, but here I am killing time, work is in a few hours, I’m watching Life walk by. 

Oh, but you’ll want to watch that. 

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