I forget how important it is to meditate. I woke up at 8am this morning and petted Flora. As of late, she’s been an outdoor cat. She spends her days prowling the lawn and I can’t wait for the day she brings me a dead lizard. Now, months later, she waits for my headlights in the driveway and follows me to the back door. It is nice to share a bed once more.

Gosh, I haven’t been up this early in the day in a while. I’ve already gotten a lot done and there’s plenty of sun left. I ate breakfast and now I’m sitting at a booth in Betty Bomber’s  waiting on a burger. Everytime the cooks dings! his little bell I turn to look. I need not worry. Sit back. Relax. She’ll bring ya your food. 

I meditated in the park. My foot fell asleep and the sun shone in my face and I went on a little spiritual journey. I returned journaling. Then I saw a family with a dog and thought it’s make a fun story for the kid to be jealous of the dog, and rather than jotting the idea I wrote the scene. 

Lately my diet has been a steady balance of nicotine, caffeine, and marijuana. The weed helps me eat actual food. But today I’m eating a burger at noon.  It just arrived and these fries are dope. 

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