friend request

I got a friend request from my niece today. My niece is five. I immediately sent my mom a text: “why does E- have a fb?”

I am mortified. My first instinct is that this is wrong. She’s too young for one. I mean, she can’t even read. And the internet is a dangerous place. (Says me.) and shouldn’t she be outside playing? 

And what does it mean that we live in a society where it’s cute that she has a FB? She would log onto her mothers before, liking everything. Now she can do it on her own page.  

Sometimes when my teenage cousin comes over, the only movement she makes is with her thumbs…

Brian had no clue this was happening. I called him up rambling a list of why this was a bad idea. He said he just wished he had been part of the decision. 

All I can see is a sea of little babies with sunglasses on and there are little screens on the inner lid. None of the babies are crying so their parents toast Bloody Mary’s over pancakes saying, “ah some peace and quiet finally. ” 

“I’ll add her, but I don’t like it.”

Apparently E- loves it. She gets to see the lives of her family from afar.  Her mother suggested adding her aunts and uncles. she turned her head, her long, brown hair whipping with each dramatic movement from this adorable five year old, waved her hand and said, “Maybe later. I don’t wanna go too crazy with this.”

Plus, this is one more manner in which my family can pour our love from afar. Already they’ve posted her wall with affections. They will use any medium for love. 

“ok. are you SURE her private settings are on?” 

Sometimes I think I know the answer. But most of the time I’m wrong. 

What do I know about children? About raising them? About being a parent? Or what the future will look like? 

All I can think of now is June and seeing my sweet girl. 

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