I’m unfurling
unfolding before your eyes
my leaves rise
I am stretching
see how my stem grows
I am stepping
onto a slippery road
but I’m coming
I am
I am searching
lots of working
I ran
turn turning
missed my turn and
I’m not
where I am.
Start from scratch
made it back
just in time
for the show
words uncurling
here I’m learning
how to be
how to grow.


It’s that one thing –that just—won’t give
and you’re standing there, right on that ridge
foot pressed against—the edge—right there
can’t seem to take one step—beware

But just one step—is like–a leap
A diver diving, down to the deep
hold your breath—don’t you—dare
you don’t know what -awaits—you there

Eventually you will—trip–or fall
and you’ll go flying, after all
spread you wings—start—right there
soon you’ll soar—breathe—air


Is sending good vibes the same as sending prayers?
I am pushing something in your direction—
good wishes, fair tidings, like the breath that leaves my lips to join the air,
and somewhere, maybe, it’ll reach you,
tickle your lip like dandelion wishes on a windy day.
Who knows how God answers those who pray.


Today there is peace.
It is not outside my window.
Outside my window there are
construction men working and
the jack hammer pounding.
There is peace.
I hear it when they pause to wipe their brow.


I contain a well.
Inside me there is a pool of cool water
by which I am never dry.
I contain a fountain.
I open my lips and I spit a stream
like a geyser leaping.
I contain a leak.
My heart has collected holes
that drain down my face,
washing me clean.


it’d be easy to call you an asshole
like a child who points to a man
and calls him homeless—
anybody can see that.

I know that when you were with me
you enjoyed my company.
I can tell by your eyes and your smile,
the way your hand rubbed my back and
wondered aloud what you felt about me.

I was your homework assignment that you forgot to do.
And once you remember to turn in your answer
I’ll politely respond,
“I don’t take late work.”


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