A Willing Victim

My mother warned me that all boys wanted was sex.

I laughed her off. She saved herself until marriage–what did she know? Yet, I was a virgin–what did I know? The world was as rosy as my cheeks. And everybody loves a virgin.

Humanity hasn’t evolved all that much. They used to drag virgins to the alter and stab them. Blood poured from stone to appease gods.

We still aim to please.

I knew not the corruption of horny men. They are brain washed. Their appendages control them. I have met sensible men lose their mind. Common sense shrivels as cocks swell.

I am a virgin no longer, yet I still offer my body as if I had currency. I will soothe men. Women are shape shifters. I will become what you want. I can be your slut, I can be your porn star, I can be your girl-next-door, I can be ventilator, I can be your place-holder.

It matters not if she is a diamond, emerald, or pearl, they wear us on their wrists. They dangle us in front of their comrades and complain about our emotions as if they were diseases.

I have fallen in love with many a men. I have made myself available just to feel love in return. The modern dating scene has twisted their thoughts. I give too much, I am high maintenance. I give too little, I am a prude. There are other options, and you must sell yourself before the buzzer sounds and their gaze passes over you.

I have seen you at the bar and made myself available. I have rode across the country just to lie in your bed. The virgin boy used me to throw off his cloak. His innocence was frowned upon, mine was sought after. I have stayed next to you hoping for a kiss, and whether I receive one or not I leave feeling the same.

My heart cannot be filled with fantasies. Yet I exist to fill yours. My breasts carry the burden of your thoughts, and I am the one who is shamed. My innocence peaks through like my cleavage.

Here are my wrists. I offer them to you. Tie me up and throw me on the alter. Cut my throat and watch me bleed. The crowd cheers. The men have been pleased. Their cock shrivels. Their cock grows. Bring out the next girl.

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