The Super Ego

It was early evening when the alarms went off. Bright bulbs of red blinked and a siren gently sounded reee rooo, reee rooo. Outside the Super signal shone in the sky. It was a giant brain.

The television screen came on. The Mayor of the town was on the other side. Frantically he explained the situation.

“Hurry, please come quick! Oedipus is terrorizing the town again! We need you!”

Jack stood and saluted, “Yes, sir. I’ll be right there.”

He shut off the alarms and entered his secret lair buried deep beneath his home.

As the elevator creaked down, Jack marveled at how many arch enemies he had obtained in the years since his debut as a Super Hero. Oedipus was fairly recent, he had been repressed for years until coming to terms with his inner villain. His ultimate nemesis was Id. Id was the Joker to his Batman, the Venom to his Spiderman.

The silver doors opened and Jack entered his lair. His AI greeted him as he opened his super secret closet and took out his sacred suit.

He pulled the tight material over his head and squeezed into his gloves. Last came his mask. He turned to the mirror and tied it around his head.

There he was! No longer his boring alter ego, Jack the technician, but his real self, his favorite self: Super Ego!

He grinned and admired himself in the mirror. The tights fit him in all the right places. They should make a statue of him.

Yet… there was a cowlick in his hair. Super Ego was mortified!

“Tina,” he called out to his AI, “Fetch me some hair gel.”

He sculpted his hair until it was perfect. Clark Kent would shave his head if he cast his eyes upon Super Ego’s curls.

Yet… there was a wrinkle in his cape. Super Ego was bewildered!

“Tina, activate the steam!”

There he was! Perfect! And he stood in front of the mirror admiring himself until Oedipus destroyed the town.

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