The jury took their seats.

The judge entered—all stood—then he waved the jury away, apologizing for the court order in the mail.

“I’ve got this covered,” he explained.

The jury left, all quite relieved.

The accused, the defendant, the prosecutor—all sat and gazed up at the judge.

He swung his hammer down and yelled, “Court is in session!”

The prosecutor stood, but he waved him away.

The defendant smiled, but he waved him away, too.

“I don’t need you guys either,” he explained. “I’ve got this covered.”

The witnesses didn’t even make it to the door. The jury was gathered in front of it wishing that they could go back in and judge somebody.

The accused opened her mouth to defend her situation, but the judge swung his hammer down again, silencing any explanation.

He leaned over his giant podium and looked upon the accused. He brought his hand to his temple and concentrated real hard.

The accused felt uncomfortable, tried to look away, but the judge demanded attention.

“No, look at me! I’m the one who holds your fate.”

He concentrated harder.

He swung the hammer down for the final time.

“I have made my decision,” he announced.

The accused held her breath.

“You are guilty!”

“Guilty of what?”

“Oh, you know what.”

The guards entered and took the accused away.

The media rushed to the judge, hearing every other word and pasting together headlines like collages.

The judge shrugged.

“You could just see it on her face,” he explained.

He tapped his temple. “I know all,” he explained further.

“See what on their face?” One reporter asked.

“Oh, you know what.”

One thought on “disbelief

  1. […] Sometimes I think my life isn’t real, like I’m living in some version of The Matrix. Or The Truman Show. I’d say I’m cursed, but that’s just crazy. I say this because some things that happen to me are usually so completely ridiculous that I fail to see how it’s not simulated reality. I can’t even get a drink without things happening. It’s the reason this blog seems to be fast turning into a collection of reasons why I don’t like leaving the comfort of my bed. Sometimes I push myself to try something new, but I’m almost always reminded why I’m better off just staying indoors and studying Jerry Seinfeld. If you like coherence and hate digression, click here. […]


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