Dim Screen Poetry

dim that damn bright light

There’s a hole in my chest, I’m already missing you. Each month I feel this deep
deep longing in my chest. There is a hole that only you can fill.
I’ve been shoving blocks where the cylinders supposed to go,
wondering why it didn’t fit, why nothing ever fit,
I just want a place to belong, where I slide into your arms with no resistance.
Where we fall towards each other with ease, and wonder how we got along without each other there.


the more I open myself up to love, the more I feel like I am furthest from it.
I am trying to catch butterflies but nothing is in my net.
The more I run the further they fly away from me.


Where are you?
I’ve been here all day
looking for you
I figured you
were here but you
didn’t say a word.
We both say nothing,
so I think we’re
missing all the chances.
I wish you would speak,
I would, but
I fear that your eyes
don’t mean the same
as your mind. Those big blue eyes
tell me more lies than
your sweet lips
ever could


I’m a clumsy girl.
I lose my balance
and fall and trip on the
stairs, and fall on my
butt, off my bike in
the middle of a crowd,
then laugh and brush the
dirt from my thighs.
I bump into all the
there are 20 bruises on me,
I am a Georgia peach.
I lose my keys so often
I’ve got popalock
on speed dial, I’ve been without
a phone for three weeks,
I lost it who knows where.
I am loose, and falling
a part, always in a constant motion,
but loose, like water
falls and splays and splashes
on everything.


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