48 Hour Film Project

It’s five in the morning. I’ve been lying in bed for 30 minutes having conversations with people in my head to help me sort through the day. It also allows me to practice my colloquial skills.

I didn’t head to bed until around 4am. I stayed up with my roommate and watched a movie called Creep (which I really enjoyed) and the last three episodes of the first season of Spartacus: Sand and Blood (which I really, really enjoyed). I enjoyed them, but I couldn’t watch them without picking and pulling out the storyline. I mean, during those last episodes I was honing in on my psychic abilities. And if I was wrong, I saw the error quickly and kept running along. After all, predictability kills good films. Note: Do not watch any sort of cinematography with me.

I have a million ideas in my head of what could have been done instead of what we did, and how it could have been done better. And after trying to write and shoot a film about romance, (not my best subject) all I needed was some blood and gore (and abs).

But today is done, and we can always do better.

I was feeling a little down when I got home. I felt like maybe my script was bad, that I was being too bossy, ect. ect, criticizing pretty much everything I had done earlier. But then you reason. And you know, we did a pretty damn good job. Wrote and filmed a 4-7 minute film in a little over 24 hours. Sure, I wonder how it’ll do and how it’ll look, and if “my message” will come across. But does that matter?


I met Sarah and her husband on Friday. The crew was all strangers brought together under her command. We worked really well together and had a lot of fun (and drank a lot of beers). It was a collaborative effort. It wasn’t just my idea, it was all of ours.

The Director of Savannah’s 48 Hour Film Project stopped by our location at around 530pm. He was asking us questions, and was excitedly amused when he found out we hadn’t started filming yet and that none of us had ever really done this before. (Apparently all the other teams were finishing up their filming.)

But he still thought we were in solid shape at that point. We asked for advice and he said, “You will make mistakes, but that’s okay, just have fun.”

I think we were pretty solid, too.

It was a good, much needed weekend, and it’s not even over yet! It feels good to apply myself to something so much. I swear, if I could put as much dedication into my job as I did into this project…

Well, one of these days.


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