The View

I’m the type of person that will race a stranger to the window seat – I will pay to sit by that window –
otherwise what am I supposed to look at?
bored people, impatient people, crying babies and complaining partners –
no no no, I’ll take the window seat, thank you very much.
I’ll rest my head against the glass and gaze at the rolling hills, rolling waves, rolling clouds zipping past us in a whirl of colors –
and I see sad people on trains, busy people in cars looking at their watches angrily, their wrists angrily, waving their iphone around like they’ve got somewhere to be
ugly, boring people with frowns rusted like statues, worry lines sketched into their face from years and years of rubbing their fore – eeeehead,
and they scowl or grin at young pretty things on buses,
and I melt against the window pane and look outside for a better view.
The greens and browns and blues better suit my style than
black and white people walking on streets like old television films


No wonder painters and writers were mad back in the day,
I wonder if they melted in the scowls and stares,
got lost in the Lilies, in the Sunrise, in the Wheat Fields, in a Sunday Afternoon in La Grand-Jatte, in the Starry Night-
I get it, I get lost too –
sometimes so lost I’m on the other side of town and I have no idea how I got there –
but I remember the sky was beautiful and the clouds were like marshmallow sculptures in the sky.

Sometimes you get a good view in the people –
a good seat buddy, a nice lady, a cute kid, a charming smile –
there’s a lot of beautiful people but they’re harder to see.
you know an original when you see one, and god! they’re worth the sight!
I get excited about beautiful people as I do about beautiful views – an act of compassion’s like a meteor shower, a moment of spotlight’s like the ocean, a goodnight kiss’s an eclipse, parents’ love is like fireflies lighting up the field, my sister’s wedding will be like the peak of a mountain, and a smile is like the sun.
I fall in love with people just as easily as I do with views

I do.
Sifting through the ugly and bad and dirt is worth the treasure you find – like thrift shopping, and somewhere finding that perfect piece! and sometimes even better is when that ugly and and bad and dirt has a beautiful moment
god! I live for those moments.
Have you ever met a person that you didn’t like – you thought they were ugly or me and then you see them do something spectacular?
I hated my bartender then listened to his story over a beer after close and it was like unlocking secret doors with wisdom and stories.

You know, everybody’s a book, and I swear if you take a minute to listen to an old geezer or an excited youth or a sorrowful mother, you’ll learn a whole lot of life.

I’ve taken a moment to myself to just stop.
Quiet people are the ones you have to look out for
my best friend calls us ponderers, and ponderers and like wanderers.
Her little brother is 13 and I swear he’s 50 because he actually gives a shit about what people say.

Get a window seat or a park bench and you’ll see the world.
Open your ears and you’ll hear a symphony –
and no, thats not as poetic as it seems, some of these guys are out of practice and out of tune, and some of them really suck, but its Life’s symphony and She’s a brilliant Composer.
So listen while She’s playing, because once She’s off stage I don’t think She’s coming back for an encore,
but people say if we shout loud enough She’ll come back on stage.
Maybe we’ll be that lucky – or un lucky?, but the show’s pretty damn good right now so just

I’ve come to the point that I realize that my taste in people is like my taste in scenery like my taste in music its,
good. Its
and I promise that’s not as romantic or shallow as it seems-
genius is a simple as a smirk after a success,
its that glimmer of pure fucking joy when somebody’s in the zone- doing their thing
They’re standing there – and they’re doing whatever – but I swear to god he’s actually flying! It’s brilliant. I don’t care what it is.
I’ve seen it when he’s leapt through some obstacle in his brain, and there it is! that one shade just. perfect!
perfect! he’s in the zone. I’ve seen in. I’m not even there, where-ever he’s at
Have you ever seen an artist painting?
Or a writer writing?
Musicians cradling instruments like children, singers whispering diaries into microphones.
I’ve seen this one guy with a smile like diamonds tell a joke and laugh at it with more joy in his wisecracks than the past dozen comedy blockbusters.
I love watching math geeks score A’s and scientists discover something.
Have you seen a dancer dance?
People just lose themselves when they’re doing something they love! and it can be anything!
I fell in love with someone when I saw the look on their face when they saw the sky.
I fell in love with hippie dancer girls,
and drunk happy boys,
I’ve fallen in love with mad, mad people,
people with something to fucking say and their entire existence resides in these little moments where they just EXPLODE with something fantastic!
I fell in love with this writer in class, with the way he held his notebook and looked about the room.
I fell in love with a guy when he solved a calculus problem after slaving over it all night at his desk in the lamp shade.

Just look! Open your eyes!
Life’s easy with your eyes closed, y’know –
Nobody was lyin’ when they told you love wasn’t easy –
my two cents as good as any when I say that –
love is the most deadly thing in the world and that doesn’t stop any of us from guns or war or unprotected sex or junkfood or needles or people who have something to say.
We’ll certainly chase love til it kills us!
But – god! – what a chase it’ll be!

I like giving my cents,
so here’s another one-

Life’s a one-way, all-paid-for, exclusive and personal trip – we don’t know where we’re going,
but I figure that we may as well enjoy the ride.
People fuddle over why it’s paid for, why it’s one way, who sent us, where it’s going, and who’s all going where — and that’s nice ‘n all , sure,
just ssshhh
look out the window.

I swear you’ll fall in love with the view!
Like I’ve fallen in love with people –
lost count of how many windows I’ve lost my stare in –
Have you ever stepped outside, found a place you thought was pretty and sat?
I grew up here and get lost all the time.
I grew up here and began to hate it until I looked up and saw a dome of Spanish moss.
It’s beautiful – so enjoy the trip-
that’s all I gotta say!
I’m not expert – don’t care to be,
just give me the window seat.

Got one life to live, that’s it –
so live it!
Sometimes I just wanna scream it, so while I’ve got you here I’ll take the rare opportunity while I still have your attention –
don’t care what you fuckin’ do,
just do it! do something! do that thing you’ve been talkin’ about doing but we all know you’ve not going to!
I’ve seen people not living, and they’re not dead.
They’re just ornaments, extras that you don’t really notice until they say something – but they never do.

But me!
I’m doing me. I’m doing something- got something to say!
And sometimes I don’t do me,
sometimes I do nothing.
Sometimes I get lost in people, in views, in a good book, a nice trip, a long joint,-
but it all comes around because everything in my life is metaphor.
So the more I watch everything the more I learn about myself because life is more than it seems, or that’s what I think.
It’s why I fall in love with everybody and everything, and it’s probably why I feel like my life is spiraling downwards all the time,
or maybe I’m just carsick.
but woo ee!

isn’t it worth it for that view!

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