Shitty Poetry III

I made coffee this afternoon,
I open the fridge to get milk
and see that it expired a week ago.
All of a sudden, I’m here, on this day.
I’m not sure how it happened,
I’m not sure how I got here,
but the milk’s expired, and I swear I just bought it.

I circled the date this afternoon,
I stand by it so it will not escape
but I turn for a second and seasons change.
All of a sudden, I’m there, on that date.
I’m not sure how it happened,
I’m not sure how I got here,
but the date has come, and I swear forgot it.

I saw my funeral this afternoon,
I see the casket fall
and see that life moves on.
All of a sudden, I’m here, on this date,
(there, on that date)
I’m quite sure how it happened, (not sure)
I’m quite sure how I got here, (defintiely not sure)
But time has run out, and I swear I could stop it.


Oh Hostess! How do you feel with the feet on your streets, the high heels on your cobblestone?
Long ago we walked your features, built houses, and you watched us grow!
Oh Hostess! Please tell us what you feel of these men on the wheel, these people on your backbone?
Now beer spills on your head, blood on your blouses, you must know!
Oh Hostess, dear Savannah, what do you think towards these men of progress, these ants on your throne?


Handsome, charming,
love comes wrapped in form of man.
Just a look, and I’m hooked
to your whim and demand.

Hopeless, warming,
love comes down in form of rope.
Just a word, and I’m stirred
I panic and can’t cope.

Heartless, harming,
love falls apart.
Just a look, and I’m hooked
I forget and restart.


I am discontent, but calm. I don’t like where I am, but there isn’t much I can do about it currently.
It’s my day off and it’s raining. I have so much to do, but I don’t feel like doing anything.
Isn’t it okay to just sit outside and listen to the rain fall while there’s laundry to fold?
I want to watch good sit coms, have someone make me laugh. Every thing seems to annoy or unnerve me nowadays; I feel so tired all the time.
I am tired, but inspired. I like to lie around and listen to good music, but there’s clutter everywhere.
It’s my day off and it’s raining. I could walk into the rain, but I am already drenched.
When every step is made with effort how do we keep walking?
I fell off my bike last night; I have scabs on my knees. Everything seems to haunt or hurt me nowadays; I’m exhuasted.

I’m beat, but fine.
I don’t like where I am, but I’ll get there in time.


Here I am
alone in bed at 10 pm
scrolling through facebook
through instagram
through snapchat
looking and swiping
and liking and griping
clicking hearts and thumbs up
pop up on their feed
for a moment
their attention
Here I am
thinking of getting a dating app
thinking of sendings pics to a boy
for what
is there gratification in mockery
desensitzied by it
love lost effect
kiss my hand to court me
the only court I see
is the swift judgement in young men’s eyes
who sees all the
fish in the sea
Here I am
in this modern dating scene
given the impression
I’m behind on the times
already raising eyebrows
they seem so strange
I stroll past them
don’t know each others’ name.


I relate to my cat
right now that bitch is on my bed
“mprow mprow mppprow”ing at
god knows who.
she’s in heat
right now her horomons are raging
howl howl howling
on my bed.
That’s why girls get cats
and boys get dogs.


When everything’s a metaphor
a simple object makes you smile
an unexpected gesture makes you giggle
if that can
than I can
things are just an extention of me
when the sun rises
I do
when a friend triumphs
I do
What the trees can do
you can do too
The pile of laundry folded
is a mountain conquered
is a dollar saved.


there’s much to do,
and say
Just nod,
and take it in
I’m in no position
to make my case
These eyes above me
don’t blink,
I just look up and take it in.


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